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Miss Kelly Tso


Senior Instructor (Jazz)


- 香港佳佳舞蹈學院 資深爵士舞導師
Senior Instructor of Hong Kong Camy Academy of Dancing
- 香港演藝學院舞蹈學院
Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Graduated AC
- 澳洲舞蹈教師協會 (AT 教師級)
Certified Teacher of Australian Teachers of Dancing

五歲開始學習芭蕾舞,1997年獲選參加香港芭蕾舞團``Making Dance``學習現代舞。1999年考入香港演藝學院現代舞系。在校期間於2002年校舞蹈節獎學金,前往美國交流及表演。同年獲邀參與香港青年藝術節演出。2003年 香港演藝學院畢業。同年獲邀請參與城市當代舞蹈團``School Tour``的演出。於2003至2005年參與各大演唱會演出,包括Connie Chan、 Alan Tam 、Hacken Lee 、Andy Lau、 Andy Hui 等……。 同年於香港海洋公園演出音樂劇``lovely Panda party``擔任Panda Fairy主要角色。2005年考入香港迪士尼樂園擔任Show Dancer。2015年考入”Leap!``敢動計劃,同年前往台灣雲門舞集舞蹈教室受訓,回港後成為``Leap!``導師。 Ms Tso started learning ballet at the age of five. She was selected to join the “Making Dance” modern dance training course organized by Hong Kong Ballet in 1997. She was admitted to the Modern Dance Faculty of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 1999. During her studies, she was awarded the Schools Dance Festival Scholarship in 2002 which enabled her visit to USA for exchange and performance. In the same year, she was invited to perform in the Hong Kong Youth Art Festival. After her graduation from HKAPA in 2003, she was invited to join the performance of the “School Tour” organized by the City Modern Dance Group. From 2003 to 2005, she performed in various concerts of popular local singers covering Connie Chan, Alan Tam, Hacken Lee, Andy Lau, Andy Hui etc. She also played a main character in the musical “Lovely Panda Party” in HK Ocean Park. In 2005, she was appointed as “Show Dancer” by HK Disneyland. In 2015, she was successfully enrolled in “Leap” training programme and received training by Taiwan Cloud Gate. On returning to HK, she became a “Leap” Instructor.