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Miss Hailey Cheng


Instructor  導師

- R.A.D.英國皇家芭蕾舞學院高級舞蹈員文憑 (Advance II)
Advanced II Certificate of Royal Academy of Dance
- 香港演藝學院舞蹈學院 (學士學位)
Bachelor Degree of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

自四歲開始學習芭蕾,曾與多位本地和海外編舞家合作,於校內和校外的大型製作中演出。包括:Mark Harootian的Finding The Way,Sergei Vanaev的A Gentle Squeeze,Irate Ansa的Partenope,Cameron Mcmillan的The Inheritance Of Form。2011年和2014年參與香港芭蕾舞學會的演出,分別是Polar Express和The Sleeping Princess。2018年有幸被邀請前往波蘭,參加International Young Dancers Festival表演,與世界各地的年輕舞者交流。
Ms Cheng started learning ballet at the age of four. In cooperation with various local and overseas choreographer, she took part in various large-scale performance such as “Finding The Way” by Mark Harootian, “A Gentle Squeeze” by Sergei Vanaev, “Partenope” by Irate Ansa and “The Inheritance of Form” by Cameron Mcmillan. She also took part in the performance of the HK Ballet Group in 2011 and 2014, namely the “Polar Express” and “The Sleeping Princess”. In 2014, she was invited to participate in the performance of the International Young Dancers Festival held in Poland.

她在校期間曾獲得多個獎學金。包括:芭蕾舞講師獎學金、海外學習計劃獎學金、以及成龍慈善基金獎學金。2015年曾獲得美國Vasilliev Andrew Of Classical Ballet School頒發的全額暑期芭蕾舞課程獎學金,前往美國紐約交流。
She was awarded a number of scholarships during her course of studies including Ballet Instructor Scholarship, Overseas Learning Plan Scholarship, Jacky Chan Charity Fund Scholarship. In particular, she received a full scholarship from Vasilliev Andrew of Classical Ballet School for a summer ballet course in New York.

She also completed in many open contests with impressive results covering Gold Award in Ballet Open Group in the 43th HK Open Dance Contest, Bronze Award in the 10th HK Ballet Group Stars Award, Merit Award in the 8th National Ballet Competition and 8th Place in Adult Group of Star of Cannan Dance International Ballet Competition.